Interpersonal Neurobiology

You may find that your early life experiences have shaped your options as an adult, in spite of your efforts to change these patterns.  Life experience interacts with biology to influence the way we are wired to relate to others.  Sometimes early life experience can limit our choice options in adulthood as we unconsciously react, not consciously respond to people, events and even our own thoughts.

Amazing and new scientific advances in imaging technology and micro-neurobiology have proved that the brain is plastic, or able to physically change, throughout our lifetimes.  We can relearn crucial response patterns and literally re-wire our brains.  This is especially important in relationships, where emotional understanding embedded in childhood experience can restrict our repertoire of in-the-moment coping strategies and long-term relationship-building skills.  Counseling and coaching can put in place awareness and practice that strengthen emotional responses that support healthy functioning based on who you are today.