Individual Counseling

One of most exciting scientific findings brought about by the new brain-imaging technology is the documentation of actual changes to the brain within relationship: The exchange of energy and information within a caring interpersonal dynamic regulates and alters brain functioning.  In a therapeutic relationship, the focused and engaged exchange of feelings, thoughts and empathic resonance can heal distressing symptoms like anxiety or depression by helping the client enlarge his or her understanding of emotional states and how to manage them.  Individual therapy can re-create the conditions of relationship that can bridge gaps in early experience to literally change and heal brain structures and support more effective personal and social functioning.

I bring a rich and comprehensive systemic, developmental, cognitive and insight-oriented perspective to help people understand how the events of their lives have influenced who they are now, plus provide a wide range of mind-body techniques and strategies to empower individuals to actively chose how they respond to their current challenges, according to their goals, priorities and values.