Kathleen Walsh, MA, LMFT

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Privacy and Use of the Internet in Communication

In order to protect the confidentiality of your private, personal information, I do not use email to establish our professional relationship. Email, as a function of the technology used to send it, is never completely confidential. Technicians employed by internet server companies are permitted, by law, to monitor and read your emails. In addition, once the “send” button is pushed, email can be intercepted by ill-intentioned people to whom the email is not addressed.

If we enter a professional relationship, we can use email to work out details of appointment scheduling.

If you’d like to complete them in advance, you may print out some of the intake forms I use and bring them to our first meeting, should you like to set one up. You’ll find these forms under the “FORMS” header.

I do not use publically-posted “feedback” sites like YELP, HealhGrades or Angies’ List. The codes of ethics for mental health professionals specifically prohibit or caution against use of client testimonials because, by definition, clients or patients may be emotionally vulnerable—these sites can take advantage of such vulnerability. If you have concerns about our work together, please know that I consider it my responsibility to create safe and open communication in which you can tell me directly of problems my actions may have caused you, or you may contact the board that regulates my license.