My Background with Workplace Challenges

For over 25 years I have applied my deep commitment to the quality of life that people experience on the job by constantly expanding my skills and education in this area.  I was recruited to become designated external Employee Assistance Professional for Nike and Boeing employees as a contracted clinician for Value Options. I have assisted employees for a great many local businesses as an EAP services provider for the last 18 years, providing onsite Critical Incident Debriefing services and helping employees with problems like resolving workplace conflict, improving communication, and setting goals congruent with their values and well-being.  In addition, I have conducted trainings on the impact of family alcoholism on workers and the workplace and ways EAP services can benefit employees.

I worked as a therapist and social worker in mainstream corporate and non-profit mental health and social service organizations for 20 years. In order to broaden my understanding of workplace concerns, I obtained an online diploma in Organizational Psychology from the University of London.

As an individual and as a member of my profession, I strive to create improved policies that support positive professional advancement. For example, as a member of the board of directors of The Oregon Mental Health Alliance, I worked with dedicated mental health professionals to elevate the statutory standing of licensed therapists and counselors, supporting efforts to raise political action funds and pass legislative bills for three consecutive legislative sessions in the mid-to-late ‘90’s.   In recognition of this work, my professional association, The Oregon Association of Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, honored me with the Stan Cohen Award for Distinguished Service in 2001.

If one of your goals is to influence change in policy and procedures, you will find an understanding and supportive ally as we work together to help you maintain resilience and perspective as you address and cope with the realities of moving structural political change forward.