Connecting with Community and Creating the World You Want

I make life choices based on my values, which allows me to support clients who strive to bring their personal and professional lives into accord with their values.  I implement everyday practices of environmental sustainability in my personal choices when purchasing products and services, emphasizing support for my local economy and endeavor to cultivate my awareness of our inter-connected natural capital by recycling, reusing and renewing resources as a regular aspect of my lifestyle.

I live in a smaller, energy-efficient home within a community that shares resources with our neighbors.

I volunteer regularly for non-profit organizations that I believe are making the world a better place and take time to honor the amazing land that is the Pacific Northwest by walking, hiking and camping whenever I can.

In sum, I seek for myself the kind of resiliency and joy as an individual, as a professional at work, and as a member of my community and greater world that I wish for my clients